South African Artist, Veronika Olivier is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist known for her eclectic, intuitive and fearless expressions.

She is not an artist who is content to work in one medium or style; her work ranges from whimsical and folk art mixed media paintings, figurative portrait studies, expressive clay figures and elaborate textile sculptures.

Veronika’s artwork depicts the nature of her own life and her inspiration comes from visual experiences, memories and imagination. As an avid recycler she uses things from around the home, including plastics, old clothes, boxes, tea bags, etc. in her artworks.  She source materials from second hand and charity shops, textile waste from designers and gathers anything she can get her hands on. There is nothing pre-planned about her processes.  She relies entirely on her creative instinct.

Her love for beautiful textiles and her constant curiosity to explore new things evolved into the birth of her extraordinary mixed media textile creatures. Her ideas change and develop as the work progress and she allows each piece to evolve and take on a life of its own. Every character has a name and a story.

At the moment she enjoys sculpting and focus on her textile creatures and clay figures which is often combined with found objects.