South African Artist, Veronika Olivier is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist known for her eclectic, intuitive and fearless expressions.

She often integrates art forms, explore boundaries between different art disciplines and look to unusual forms of expression.

Being self-taught she has little awareness for standard rules and feels the freedom to create without expectation or urgency.  Through her creative works, Veronika often conveys her thoughts on the social and environmental spheres and cultural traditions in the world.  

Because of her intuitive and creative nature, and her constant curiosity to explore new things there is great diversity in her creative style. She paints in Figurative, Realistic and Folk Art Styles, Sculpt with Clay and Textiles, Assembles with Recycled and Found Objects, Explores the use of Photographs and Texture in her work and experiment with the making of her own Mediums and Materials.

Her work continues to evolve with innovative approaches and returning themes.