Masincedane (Helping Each Other)

Veronika has been involved with Masincedane since they moved to Heidelberg in 2011.  She started teaching them to make beautiful things with recycled materials.  Her involvement with each of the members grew over the years and not only was she deeply touched by their love and friendship but also sincerely appreciate the incredible source of inspiration they are to her.

In 2016 she decided to teach more serious art.  Their disabilities pushed her boundaries of creativity to the point where she can help a blind man to paint a beautiful mixed media background using his hands and stencils.  Each one of them is challenged daily with a physical or mental handicap and through the art lessons she believes that for a few hours they experience something beautiful and meaningful.

Due to the appointment of a full time art tutor for them and her commitment in her new Mixed Media ventures she will only do lessons for them on special occasions in 2017. She will however continue to maintain and update their Facebook Page and I hope to be more involved in their marketing and fundraising.  "They will always be a part of me", she says.

We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others - Janie Lewis