Would you and your team like to do something completely different and fun together?

Does your marketing or financial teams need some creative inspiration?

If you answer yes to any of the above this workshop is something for you and your team. 

The Team Building Workshops focus on challenging individuals or groups of people creatively.  It provides a great opportunity for teams to socialize with one another while unleashing their inner artists to engage in more creative thinking.  It can also be a great way to get team members to work together toward a fun goal.  The focus here is not on competition but rather on team work.


Property Professionals Estate Agency - Heidelberg

The agents of Property Professionals got together to create beautiful Mixed Media Art for their offices. The workshop lifted their spirits and boost morale amidst their examinations. 

Click HERE to view full album.  To view the album of their completed projects click HERE.

Ek beveel Veronika se kunsklasse definitied aan.  Dit is so ontspannend en ons kuier heeltyd en met tye raak almal net stil met hul eie gedagtes. Regtig baie lekker! Die wat gedink het hulle kan nie se kunswerke is van die mooistes. - Tania Pienaar via Facebook

'n Oggend by Veronika is soet vir jou siel, helend vir jou liggaam, vernuwe jou denke en bring liefde in jou hart. Wondelike medisyne vir alle kwale en skete. Probeer hierdie ondervinding. - Hettie Mostert via Facebook


Paint Night - Heidelberg

Four couples joined us for a Painting Date Night that turned out to be so much fun. They all painted their own version of Vincent van Gogh’s famous Starry Night in just a few hours. Working together on the same painting the couples allowed their imagination to come into play. The aim was not to become master painters but rather to have fun and forget about everyday life for a few hours. It was about self-expression through a wonderful medium that has no restrictions or rules. Each couple painted their own interpretations of this masterpiece and discussed how they want to approach and complete this challenge. They all started out very serious but as the evening progressed they relaxed and unleashed their creative potentials. 

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Jump-start your teams creativity and collaboration with a successful painting event.