Veronika Olivier is a South African contemporary multidisciplinary artist renowned for her eclectic, intuitive, and fearless expressions.

As a multi-disciplinary textile artist, she perpetually explores novel techniques, materials, and styles. Veronika’s restless nature, deep curiosity, and insatiable desire to create serve as the driving forces propelling her to continuously push the boundaries of her art and engage in self-imposed challenges.

Never one to remain within the confines of a single style, Veronika shuns repetition and avoids being confined to one medium. She revels in the exploration of diverse artistic practices, such as sculpting and painting, seamlessly integrating them into her textile work.

A fundamental tenet of Veronika’s artistic philosophy is her unwavering belief in the responsibility to minimize the impact on our planet. To this end, she employs recycled plastics and fibers in her artwork, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise languish in landfills or pollute the world’s oceans. Her skill lies in the subtle and beautiful integration of these materials, often concealed in plain sight, recognizing that not everyone wishes to confront these elements in art.

Veronika’s art mirrors her profound love for colour, texture, and form, as well as her ardent passion for the natural world. Each of her creations represents a unique manifestation of her creative vision, frequently incorporating elements of the unexpected, the playful, and the surreal.

Through her art, Veronika aspires to catalyze a fresh perspective within others, fostering an appreciation for the intricate beauty of the natural world and stimulating contemplation regarding individual impacts on the planet. She firmly believes that art possesses the trans-formative power to effect change, ignite conversations, and reshape the world, and she is wholly dedicated to leveraging her artistic practice to generate a positive influence.