The appeal to use recycled materials goes much deeper than an easing of Veronika’s social conscious. The materials being used often have an inherent story, offering a powerful starting point and a more meaningful process. Collectors and art-lovers connects with her finished artworks on a deep level if they know the story.

Veronika’s artwork depicts the nature of her own life and her inspiration comes from visual experiences, memories and imagination. As an avid recycler she uses things from around the home, including plastics, old clothes, boxes, tea bags, etc. in her artworks.  She source materials from second hand and charity shops, textile waste from designers and gathers anything she can get her hands on. There is nothing pre-planned about her processes.  She relies entirely on her creative instinct.

Contact Veronika on +27 (0)82 806 1191 or email if you would like to contribute to the artists efforts with donations.


For people with learning disabilities,  ADHD and autism, art therapy offers an opportunity for self expression. Art can be a way to communicate for people who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. Veronika believes art therapy in schools offers a creative and enjoyable way to communicate without restrictions, without worries of being judged as there is no such thing as failing when you create art. This process gives them a sense of accomplishment and builds their self-confidence.  By making collaborative art with the students she gives them a better self esteem and a sense of belonging.

Zoë School is a Remedial Primary and Secondary private school in her hometown.  She offers expressive painting classes to the students as informal art therapy.

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In collaboration with KV Art manufacturer of Dala Art and Craft materials Veronika began a creative TV Channel on YouTube in 2018 bringing creative content for FREE to people around the world.

The artist feels there are many talented people around the world and many of them do not have access to creative education or materials.  By creating FREE workshop videos in arts and crafts she hope to help some of these people to reach their creative potential.  The artwork, information, ideas and other content  shared on this channel and her social media is to create a world where all people are happier, connected, whole and powerful. She believes she is helping people find their voices and express their concerns through individual and collaborative art projects.

Visit Dala Creative TV Channel on YouTube for over 100 FREE video lessons.